How to File RTI for Central Government Departments with the Central Information Commission?

Under the Right to Information Act 2005, every Indian citizen has full right to demand any information from the government if he/she desires to do so.

You can go to official website of income tax also but you need to find out whom to address


For example: a citizen can demand information regarding delay in his passports from the Government.


The Government, as per the RTI 2005, is liable to provide the information demanded to the citizen. If the government authority from which information is demanded fails to do so, the government authority will be penalized.


There are certain matters which are state oriented such as construction of a road, problems with irrigation or street light issues. In such case, an RTI application will be filed with the state authorities.


However, if your matter relates to the departments which are related to the Centre, then the RTI must be filed with the central government. In case you fail to submit your RTI Application to the Public Information Officer, you can approach the Central Information Commission. Read further to know how to file an RTI with the Central Government Departments.



Filing an RTI to a Central Government Department and approaching the Central Information Commission


Central Government Department Identification

The first step to file an RTI with a department of the central government would be to identify from which department the information has to be obtained. For instance, anything related to income tax should go to Income Tax department or defense related query should go to Ministry of Defense.



Writing the Application Properly

The next step would be writing your RTI application in the prescribed format. Click here to know the format. Also, this format isn’t mandatory and you can submit your application on a plain paper as well. The language of the application can be Hindi or English. Similarly, the government can also respond in either language.



You can check the Rules for filing an RTI with Central Government Departments here.


Make sure that the questions you ask relate to only one subject; the application has a chance of rejection if you ask more than one questions in a single RTI Application. For instance, if you are enquiring about your passports, then ask questions which are only related to the passports.



Make Payment of Fees

As you might know, there is some amount charged for each RTI you file. Thus, to file an application to a central government department, attach application fee of Rs. 10/- in the form of Indian Postal Order.



Send Application

Once all the above mentioned steps are completed, send your RTI application via speed post/registered post and wait for the government’s response. If you don’t get a reply within 30 days of sending the application, you can approach the central information commission. Here’s a bit more detailed process about the same.


About the Central Information Commission:

The Central Information Commission is a government body which has been established to address the grievances of the people who have not been able to submit an RTI Application due to the following reasons:


There is no State Public Information Officer or Central Public Information Officer appointed

Either of the officers (PIO) have refused to take the RTI Application


You can write to them about your concerns at the below mentioned address.



Write to them at Central Information Commission Address:

Following is the address of the Central Information Commission

Central Information Commission

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