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RTI Fees

  • Postal Charges                                ₹   25.00

  • Drafting Fees                                   ₹   99.00

  • Expert's Fee                                     ₹ 149.00 

  • Processing Fees                               ₹ 126.00 

  • Total fees                                          ₹ 399.00. 

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  • Postal Charges                                         ₹  25.00

  • Drafting Fees                                           ₹   99.00

  • Expert's      Fees                                       ₹  149.00 

  • Processing Fees                             ₹ 126.00    

  • If you Need Urgent services                   ₹  200.00

  • Total fees                                   ₹  599.00

Q:What is Urgent service?

Ans: If you have any urgency then you can take our online Urgent Service by paying extra Rs.200/-. We will do your work on top priority.

  1. Fade Up with no response try our professional way of drafting RTI show the Govt. Citizen Power 

  2. You can get in touch with legal experts, who have in-depth knowledge about the problems that a common man faces.

  3. We will send the RTI filed by you through speed post, online options or a registered post.

  4. We will send you updates from time to time. You must know the progress of the RTI filed by you.

  5. The excellent customer support team knows that the common man has problems and they need to be addressed as soon as possible.

We support all major banks in India’s safe and flexible payment options. You can use

  • Debit or ATM Card

  • Credit Card

  • NetBanking

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