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File RTI Application for Telangana
The Right to Information Act, 2005 is applicable in all the states of India except the State of Jammu and Kashmir. However, each state differs in terms of implementation of the Act and each state has different guidelines when it comes to filing an RTI application. In exercise of the powers conferred by clauses (b) and (c) of subsection (2) of section 27 of the Right to Information Act, 2005 (22 of 2005), the Government of Telangana hereby adapts the Right to Information Rules, 2005. To enlighten yourself with the rules implemented by Telangana , You can read Telangana Right to Information Rules, 2005. If you wish to exercise your right to information, follow the steps mentioned below in order to successfully file an RTI application in Telangana .

Identify the Department to which you wish to address the RTI Application:
The first step to file an RTI Application is to identify the Department / Public Authority. Section 2 (h) of the RTI Act lays down the definition of Public Authorities that come under the ambit of the Act. For eg, all civic issues like water problem, garbage, street lights, building permission in cities are under respective Corporation. In case the matters pertain to Shillong Municipal Board which is a Public Authority, you should address the same to the Board. Likewise, if the matter pertains to the Telangana Board of Secondary Education you should address the same to the concerned State Public Information Officer (SPIO)/ Assistant State Public Information Officer (ASPIO) of the Department.

Write your queries in the Application:
You should address your queries in the Application in simple language, you can write the application in English or Assamese Language. It is important to note that “Wh” questions are not entertained in RTI. For eg, you wish to know the Status of your Water Connection Application from ShillongMunicipal Board, you can frame the question as “Please provide information pertaining to the Status of the Water Connection” or “Please provide Reasons as per Record for Delay in issuing the Connection” instead of asking “Why is the Water connection not issued”. Also you cannot ask Situation Based questions / clarifications involving “If” in the application.

Format to be followed to seek information under RTI Act’2005:
You can draft the RTI Application in the following format to seek information under RTI Act’2005:
To State Public Information Officer,

(Name of the Office and Institution with complete address)

Full Name of the Applicant
Particulars of the information required (specify the category of subject also)
Year to which the information pertains
other relevant reference if any

Date Signature of the Applicant

Departments under Telangana Government:

All Telangana State Government Departments and local governing bodies in telangana like Shillong Municipal Board, Department of Education, Telangana , Department of Food, Civil Supplies and Consumer Affairs, Health and Family Welfare, Telangana State Electricity Regulatory Commission,Telangana State Dentist Registration Tribunal, Regional Health and Family Welfare Department, CMJ University, William Carey University, Chief Electoral Officer, Telangana , Techno Global University, Telangana Board of Secondary Education etc.

List of State Government Departments are as follows:

Agriculture Development and Farmers Welfare

Backward Communities Development Department

Coastal Shipping & Inland Navigation
Consumer Affairs
Culture Affairs
Food and Civil Supplies
General Administration
Forest and Wild Life
General Education
Health Family Welfare
Higher Education
Information and Public Relations
Industries and Commerce
Electronics and Information Technology
Labour and Skills
Local Self-Government
Non-Resident Keralites Affairs
Parliamentary Affairs
Planning and Economic Affairs
Personnel & Administrative Reforms
Public Works
Scheduled Tribe Development
Scheduled Castes Development
Science, Technology and Environment
Social Justice
Directorate of Sports and Youth Affairs
Stores Purchase
Water Resources

Whom should the RTI Application be addressed to?
Under the RTI Act, 2005 every department should appoint a Public Information Officer (PIO) who is responsible to receive and Response to RTI applications filed to that department. Hence, all the RTI applications should be addressed to the Public Information Officer of that Department.

When will the response be provided to your RTI Application?
According to the RTI Act, the response to the RTI application in Telangana , or any other state should be provided by the PIO within 30 days from the receipt of the same. This includes applications made online or offline. If the information requested in the RTI relates to another department, then the PIO is mandated to transfer the same within 5 days from the receipt of the RTI to that Department who has the information. A First Appeal can be filed to the First Appellate Authority (FAA) if there is no response from the government office after completion of 30 days or if the Applicant is not satisfied with the response of RTI Application. In case you are not satisfied with the outcome of the First Appeal, or there has been no order passed by FAA, a Second Appeal can be filed to Telangana Information Commission.

Pay the Prescribed fee as per Telangana RTI Rules:
The application for obtaining information under Sub-Section (1) of Section 6 of RTI Act, 2005, must be accompanied by the prescribed application fee. At present the application fee, which is subject to change from time to time, is as under -

Application Fee: Rs.10/-

Mode of Payment: By cash against proper receipt or by demand draft/banker's cheque.

Submit the Application:
Once the application is drafted as per the Steps mentioned above, you should send your application via speed post or registered post to the concerned Department.

To file an RTI Application on, follow the steps below:
Visit the Apply page and write your question in simple English.
Proceed with the Payment to complete your application.
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