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An RTI online complaint form can be filled at Online RTI Application to request for the RTI regarding your delayed or unissued passport. The typical issues prevailing for the delay of the passport can be numerous. The delay in issuing a passport comes under the realm of RTI, and it makes the passport department liable to answer for the same. Filing a grievance for RTI passport can provide you with the exact reason at the earliest. The delay in the passport is one of the most common issues that one faces. The delay in it can be due to various factors such as problem in police verification, some technical glitches, etc.


The RTI act gives you the power to know the concrete reason behind it and solve the issue if possible. An online RTI complaint can solve your dilemma in less than 30 days. Professional guidance and assistance help you to file a crisp and direct complaint.


An RTI online complaint form can be filed following the type of delay you are facing


Police Verification: If your passport status says police verification not commenced after completing all the documentation process. You can file an online RTI complain to speed up the verification process. You will be required to state the names of all the officers involved in it. Also, it is important to affix all the relevant document while filling an online complaint.

Status of the old passport: You can file a plea for RTI related to your old passport. Mention all the details concerning the matter. All attach a copy of any previous communication or message trail with the authorities. This will make it easy to obtain the status of your passport within a limited time frame.

Re issuing of Passport: An online RTI complaint form can be filled to know the exact cause of delay while reissuing the passport.

Get Passport Details of Third Party: The Right to information act 2005 also allows one to obtain information of a third party passport details only if:

One has a written consent of the third party involved

If disclosing the information needed serves the large public interest.

The RTI for Passport needs to file with the help of professionals. They are the masters in this field they make sure your plea reaches to the necessary department and CPV Division. You can also file an RTI online complaint addressing the regional passport office.


The Right to Information is very useful and helpful to solve various issues in the least possible time. It is an important act. All the citizen of India must exercise this wonderful act.

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