We should make everyone realize that the Police are bonded to promote the roles. As FIR is a public document, the copy of the FIR will be provided to the Complainant. This underlying form of FIR probably won’t contain the police examination subtleties and the proof points of interest as gathered by the police.

FIR stands for First Information Report, which is an important document involved in a criminal offense.

With the aid of RTI, we have the right to know what is being documented as the first information report. RTI is the best weapon to fight against corruption in the police department. Police are bound to share the status of the FIR.

To stay aware of the status of the case, it very well may be composed with the police headquarters as well as the SHO to get the last duplicate of the FIR, which isn’t that simple.

Police don’t more often encourage the urge of residents requesting to know their documented FIR status. In this way, RTI for FIR can be documented, and afterwards, status can be checked for the recorded FIR.

Reasons for Filing RTI in case of FIR:-

RTI helps you to verify regarding the following:

In case of cognizable offences like murder, theft, rape etc. The person has to be arrested, FIR has to be lodged and the charge sheet has to be prepared.

In case of non-cognizable offences like burglary, defamation, if the arrest warrant has been issued then in that case FIR can be lodged.
Lose important Documents like Passports, Voter’s ID, Aadhar Card, PAN Card, Driving License.
Lose Valuables and wanted to enquire about the same.
Who can ask for the Information?

Any concerned person who is a citizen of India can file an RTI application, He can go for filing an RTI at any point in time whenever he wants to seek any information regarding his FRI Status.

Where to submit the RTI for FIR?

The RTI Application may be addressed to the SP Office or SSP Office or Police Headquarters of a particular place.

What is the format of filing Online RTI Application in case of FIR?

In case the Applicant seeks for the Evidences available on Record, the Official Copies of Evidences will be produced, but one cannot seek their opinion in a RTI regarding Non- Consideration of the Evidences.

The Questions must not be direct; instead it should be framed in such a manner that it specifies the exact required document.

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