How to file Andhra Pradesh RTI?




Identify the department to which your RTI application should be sent.
For instance, any details sought regarding the police should be filed to the respective police station and if it is about transport service in the city it should go to State Transport Department (Andhra Pradesh State Road Transport Corporation RTI). It is very important to identify and send the Andhra Pradesh RTI Application to the correct department. Failure to do so results in rejection or delay in getting response as the application would have to be transferred to the appropriate authority

Write your RTI application on a plain paper.
The RTI Act is very citizen friendly and there is no special requirement as to how the application should be written. An application written on a plain paper constitutes a legitimate RTI Application and the Public Authorities have to recognize that and are required to provide response based on the questions mentioned in the application.

Questions can be in Telugu or English.
Replies from government can also be either in Telugu or English. The Government of Andhra Pradesh supports RTI Application in Telugu, the local language. This ensures that a citizen can express his query clearly in the language he is comfortable with. You can read and use the RTI format in English to file RTI in English.
Make sure that the questions relates to only one subject matter otherwise it might get rejected, according to the RTI Act.
For instance, if it is about status of FIR, ask questions that are only related to FIR. Also, the questions need to worded clearly, asking for information in a direct and objective manner would ensure that the response is received. If the questions are ambiguous or subjective and open to interpretation, there is a high chance of rejection of the application.

Attach Rs.10/- fee in the form of Court Fee Stamp.
Send it via- speed post/registered post.

Online RTI for AndhraPradesh

How to file RTI AP online?
At present the Andhra Pradesh Government does not have facility for filing RTI online.

You can use our website onlinertiapply.com to file your Andhra Pradesh RTI application, online. In case of any escalation, you can file complaints to AP Information Commission. This government body was created to make sure that the RTI Act is being implemented efficiently. We take care of rest of the formalities. We will arrange a call back and understand your query. We will then take the request and do the needful on your behalf to ensure your RTI request reaches the right authority. In essence, it is a simple 3 step process.

Visit onlinertiapply.com apply page and type your query in simple language.
We will contact you to clarify your requirements
We will draft application according to best practices, print and post your application to the correct authority with the prescribed guidelines.

The process of filing RTI applications has it’s own limitations and complexities. Our expert team of lawyers, understands the process so that any citizen of India can file RTI to resolve their queries even with limited knowledge of the system and the process. The AP Information Commission will handle all the complaints against the PIOs and APIOs for the RTIs filed for AP State Departments.

Departments under Andhra Pradesh Government
All Andhra Pradesh State Government Departments and local governing bodies in Andhra Pradesh like Municipal Corporations (for cities in Andhra Pradesh like Visakhapatnam Municipal Corporation, Nellore Municipal Corporation etc.), Town councils and Gram Panchayats come under the ambit of Andhra Pradesh RTI Act.

The list of Andhra Pradesh State Government Departments:

Agriculture and Co-operation
Animal Husbandry and Fisheries
Consumer Affairs, Food Civil Supplies
Backward Classes Welfare
Department for Women, Children, Disabled and Senior Citizens
Environment, Forests, Science and Technology
General Administration
Health, Medical & Family Welfare
Higher Education
Industries and Commerce
Information Technology, Electronics and Communications
Transports, Roads and Buildings
School Education, etc.

Whom should the RTI Andhra Pradesh be addressed to?
Under the RTI Act, 2005 every department should appoint a Public Information Officer (PIO) who is responsible to receive and reply to RTI applications filed to that department.

Hence, all the RTI AP applications should be addressed to the Public Information Officer of that Department. You can find here the list of Public Authorities/PIOs/APIOs based on the Department you want to file your application for. This list is provided by the AP Information Commission on their official website. The PIO has to make sure that requests from persons seeking information are dealt with speedily and in cases where the request cannot be made in writing, the officer is also responsible for giving assistance to the person to convert their queries to a legitimate written form.

When will the response be provided to your RTI Andhra Pradesh Application?
According to the RTI Act, the response to the RTI application in Andhra Pradesh, or any other state should be provided by the PIO within 30 days from the receipt of the same. This includes applications made online or offline. If the information requested in the RTI relates to another department, then the PIO is mandated to transfer the same within 5 days from the receipt of the RTI to that department who has the information.

If there is no response to the RTI AP application within the stipulated time, a First Appeal can be filed to the Appellate Authority of that Department from whom there is no response within 30 days from the date by when the response should have been received.

AP Information Commission handles Second appeals and Complaints from the applications. A second appeal can be filed when there is no response or unsatisfactory response is received for the First Appeal.


We hope now you are familiar with the process of filing your application for state of AP related queries. If you want to know more or have more doubts to ask, you can always visit onlinertiapply.com Forum and we will answer your queries CLICK HERE