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Hunger During Lockdown: Help Us Feed Labourers, Migrant Workers, And The Homeless

As millions of daily wage labourers and working-class people take to the highways to find their way home, the war against the COVID-19 is threatening to become a humanitarian and economic crisis beyond imagination.

We are currently providing dry ration packs and cooked food daily to people in need in various parts of Delhi, Bihar, Rajasthan, Assam, Uttar Pradesh, Telangana and other states. We continue to respond to calls for help from across the country from those in search of a simple, sustaining meal. 

These are the people who are at most risk of severe ill-health and death due to starvation. There are sections of the population that live on the edge even in times of apparent “normalcy”. When faced with a crisis like the Corona induced lockdown, it is they who are the most likely to fall off the edge. 

We are especially conscious of doing food distribution in a dignified manner with the necessary protocols of social distancing. Everyone has the right to safe, dignified, nutritious food.

For this we have evolved three different engagements:

1.) Distribution of cooked meals: Based on continuous need assessment and our experience of work we have figured out locations where we need to distribute cooked food.  Our volunteers are moving with vehicles that are collecting nutritious cooked frood from a central kitchen and reaching these areas.

2.) Distribution of dry ration: Particularly for stranded migrant workers, the violence affected families in NE Delhi and to the distressed families in the slum areas we have also been packing and delivering dry ration kits in bulk. The kits include 5kg wheat flour, 5 kg rice, 2 kg pulse, 1 kg salt, 1 kg sugar, 1 lt refined oil, 100 g chilli powder, 50 g turmeric powder, 50 g coriander powder, 50 g zeera, 1 bathing soap and 1 detergent bar.

3.) Facilitated Distribution of cooked meals: Apart from this we also facilitated distribution through fraternal networks in several areas. 

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