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What is Online Rti Apply

In 2005 the government passed a law called the Right to Information Act (RTI) to end bribes and speed up processing of government services like issuing passports, income tax refunds, and exam answer sheets.

While well intentioned, the traditional RTI filing process can be very time consuming. Most people waste weeks of their life trying to fill out a difficult application. Even worse, many fail to get a government response.

  • The legal expert knows as to what you can ask in your RTI. We know the laws and have a clear idea about whether a question is suitable for answering. With the help of our legal experts, you will be able to file an RTI which has a strong message. The case of the patron should be persuasive and that is precisely why the expert is hired.

  • Once you have a strong case, you will get your answers quickly and the government officials will be bound to give you an answer. This is our sincere attempt to make the functioning of the government transparent and responsible.

  • We want to contribute to make India a nation free from corruption. We usually see that public authorities have an intrinsic ego and they do not disclose information for various reasons. We are determined to break this barrier. We make everyone feel respected and build trust in the government and the officials.



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